2010 AFL Ladder Widget Now Available

On March 28, 2010, in AFL Ladder, by tom

Head over to the AFL Ladder Widget page to download the 2010 version of the widget!

Update: 11-04-2010

Version 2.0.2 fixes a small bug in 2.0.1 and drops the AFL website as a source of data (that site was causing timeouts) and adds another couple of websites to replace it.

I’ve submitted the new version of the widget to Apple to include on their Widgets download page, but it’s not up there yet. They have to check it out first.

I have removed the previous version from my server, if you try and download it you’ll get a file telling you to come to this site which, at least for now, is the only place to get the widget.

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2010 AFL Ladder Widget – Stay tuned!

On March 7, 2010, in AFL Ladder, by tom

The footy season is about to start for 2010, and once again the AFL Ladder Widget is going to be available for footy fans.

As has been the case every other season so far, I will probably need to release a new version of the widget so that it displays the correct information for 2010. This is because the websites that the widget uses to download the ladder information from always change each year in ways I can’t predict prior to the start of the season. So I have to wait until the source websites have their 2010 ladders up before I can guarantee that the widget will work properly.

It’s a pain but the AFL and other sites don’t publish their ladder pages at the same address every year, they seem to want to change the addresses in non-obvious ways.

So stay tuned!

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