2012 AFL Ladder Widget

On February 29, 2012, in AFL Ladder, by tom

The AFL Ladder Widget has been updated for the 2012 season!

Head over to the AFL Ladder Widget page to download it.

Note: I have found that Dashboard seems to cache some of the previous widget’s attributes and initially the new widget might not render properly. What a pain!

The way to fix it is either by restarting your Mac (boo!) or use Activity Monitor to close all “DashboardClient” processes using the “Quit Process” button. After that I’ve found that things should be ok.

I am working on a new AFL Ladder Widget for the 2012 AFL season to accommodate the new 18 team competition. As per the past 7 years, the new widget is currently 99% complete but I don’t expect that I will be able to release it until at least part way through the first round, maybe not until after the end of round 1.

The problem is that the websites that the Widget uses to get the ladder data from change their format each year and use different names for teams (eg “Sydney” vs “Sydney Swans”, “North Melbourne” v “Kangaroos” etc) and are not usually up and running correctly until the end of the first round. It is not until the information is all there that I can work out exactly what is required by the Widget to fetch the ladder data and format it correctly.

In past years (I’ve had to release at least 1 new version each year since 2005) it has not been possible to work this all out until after the first round and I can’t see this changing this year.

So stay tuned!