New AFL Ladder Widget on the Way

On February 23, 2009, in AFL Ladder, by tom

I am working on a new AFL Ladder Widget, it will be a completely new widget for the 2009 AFL season, with new a new look and rewritten code. I hope to have the widget ready before the first round starts, but as in past years, I don’t expect that will be possible.

The problem is that the websites the Widget uses to fetch the ladder data from do not normally have their own ladders up and working correctly until the end of the first round of the regular season. It is not until then that I can work out the URLs that are required by the Widget. In past years (I’ve been working on the widget on and off since early 2005!) it has not been possible to work these out until after the first round and I can’t see this changing this year.

But the new Widget will have a new look, be optimised for Leopard but on the whole will be familiar to those who have used the Widget in the past.

So stay tuned!


5 Responses to New AFL Ladder Widget on the Way

  1. Brenton says:

    Great news for AFl fans. Now I would gladly pay for an iphone version!

  2. tom says:

    And I would gladly accept a free iPhone!

    I’m not going to try and develop any iPhone apps until I get one, which isn’t going to happen any time soon – sorry!

  3. Beaver says:

    Well good news… we are working on an iphone ladder app now.. hope to have it in the store by round 1… but apple and time being what it is…

    but.. I also am looking forward to the new widget!…

    Go Blues…!

  4. Beaver says:

    Well it looks like there will be a few footy apps for the iphone… one got released on 2/25/09 and ours is in process.. and it looks like there might even be a third… so… good for the fans!

  5. Beaver says:

    Well the “other” AFL app that was on the iTunes site is now gone… not sure why beyond this vague reason on the website: “For legal reasons, the AussieRules iPhone App will no longer be available for sale on the App Store. ”

    I am going to try to find out today from the AFL if our app would be ok… will let you all here know…

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