AFL Ladder Widget v1.5.4 Released

On March 25, 2008, in AFL Ladder, by tom

There seems to be a problem for some people where by the new AFL Ladder widget doesn’t load properly. The problem seems to be with the widget preferences file.

I suggest closing the widget down, delete the widget preferences file (found under ~/Library/Preferences/widget-org.dyndns.expat.widget.aflladder.plist) then relaunch the AFL Ladder widget. You might also need to restart dashboard or reboot your Mac.

Ready for round 2 of season 2008, go to the AFL Widget page to download it.

I had to make fixes for all 3 sources this time around, hopefully they won’t change again in round 2!

Let me know if it’s working ok for you.


2 Responses to AFL Ladder Widget v1.5.4 Released

  1. AJay says:

    1.5.4 Doesn’t work with Leopard, but installing 1.5.3 does work for now. Appreciate the effort you put in, it means something to us Mac/AFL fans.


  2. Heather says:


    I managed to get 1.5.4 working in Leopard.

    The problem seemed to be with the preferences file, having one of the old URLs in it.

    Strangely, just deleting the preference file didn’t fix it – I also had to restart dashboard.


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