Bloody AFL website

On February 23, 2007, in AFL Ladder, by tom

Ok, so I shouldn’t have tempted fate with the comment about the AFL Widget not needing updating before the next season!

The AFL have updated their site in the last day or so and now the widget has broken… I can’t even find the ladder on their site any more, and to top things off the new and “improved” site doesn’t work in Safari either!

I think it is time to look for a new place to download the ladder data from… stay tuned for an update, hopefully in time for the new season.


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  1. Will Sandman says:

    I am a fan and would love for you to find the ladder, but I searched on the site as well and could not find it. Any updates or comments on the progress would be appreciated. Hope you find it.

  2. Stuart says:

    Love the widget. Have just done a quick search of the AFL website and found where I think the ladder will be.

    I also noticed that most off the teams have a ladder on there website. Providing they don’t decide to change theirs as well.

    Hope this helps.

  3. tom says:

    Cheers Stuart, your ladder sleuthing skills are of the highest standard!

    However after searching through all the HTML source code on the page you found, I came up empty handed as far as finding the ladder data being directly embedded in the HTML as per the previous AFL website.

    But I am not so easily deterred. From analysing the raw HTML and javascript on that page I have found a sneaky little link to a XML file on the AFL site that contains all the data I need!

    If the URL to this file doesn’t change from week to week, it’ll make my life much easier as far as loading the data for the widget, I’ll keep an eye on the link over the weekend and see how it fares….

    Either way, there should be an updated widget before the proper season gets under way, I’ve found the ladder data in a nice format too at

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